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Featured Designer: Oliver the Magnificent Icon Maker

Today’s featured designer is Oliver from Bucharest, Romania whose main goal is to solve problems through well-crafted and eye catching designs. When you hear the word “icons,” you think simple illustrations like social media logos, mail, Facebook thumbs, and elements like arrows and gears. For Oliver, icons are more than just that—they are tiny, precious gems that can either make or break your designs. With that in mind, Oliver and his creative cohorts have racked their brains and sweat buckets to create gorgeous icon sets that you can use in practically any design project, especially for web and mobile applications. Among…


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Cool Tools and Handy Resources for Designers this Month!

Designers are builders. From websites, to games to business cards. But every designer knows that without tools and resources, we’re getting smoked by the competition. This month, we present you with a range of awesome new ammunition that will boosts your skills to another level. From simple design elements to overall structure, we got you covered. Take a look at these superb tools, resources, and tips you can immediately enjoy: An Open Sourced Icon Set Established by Waybury through a successful Kickstarter campaign, the Open Iconic set includes 223 marks available in SVG, PNG, OTF, TTF, WebP, EOT, and WOFF. It readily works with…


Featured Work: The Colorful Fish Market by Micael Butial

Today’s featured work comes from Micael Butial from San Francisco. Drawing inspiration from the vibrant colors of marine life, Micael has created a fun brand showcase for this seafood market and restaurant. Fish markets are something many people avoid mainly because of the smell. But you can’t deny the goodness of fresh seafood and its heavenly taste. For seafood lovers, the assortment of fish, shrimp, and squid are as irresistible as candy to a kid. Keeping these things in mind, Micael sets out to create a fun and colorful brand for San Diego’s The Fish Market Seafood Restaurants. The entire corporate design includes the menu, wrapping paper,…


Daily Freebie: Flat Design Travel Tour Template (PSD)

Today’s daily freebie comes from Dany Rizky of Indonesia. Aiming to improve through daily training and hoping to promote his dear hometown of Malang, he has crafted YokNgalam, a travel tour PSD template. More and more people are being bitten by the travel bug. But with thousands of beautiful destinations across the globe, where exactly should they start? You can encourage those future travelers and tourists to prioritize your country or city with a beautiful travel site using Dany’s PSD template. The YokNgalam template uses a fresh and inviting color scheme. It features a one-page, scroll-down format with simple navigation and…


Featured Work: A Calm Terror by Antti Viitala

Today’s featured work comes from Antti Viitala, a truly ballsy photographer from Finland who has braved the waters of Gaansbaai, a town in South Africa for a closer look at its popular great white sharks. Since JAWS, sharks have always had a fierce reputation—a frightening creature that humans ought to avoid, lest they want to meet their maker. However, what most people aren’t aware is that there are some species of sharks that prefer not to have human meat. The great white sharks are one of them. Riddled with scars from hunts and perhaps battles with its own natural predators,…


29 Coloring Books Meant for Adults Only

Remember when you were a kid? Mom bought you a brand new box of crayons and you couldn’t wait to color in those drawings of animals, cars, boats, and superheroes? Well now that you’ve out-grown crayons doesn’t mean you can’t experience the same joy you once had. For kids, coloring books are like a treasure chest. They show things children may not have seen before, which summons their creativity to flow free. For us adults, it’s hard to come across something that we haven’t encountered, much so from coloring books. Until we found some that literally blew our mind. If you want to feel…

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