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Create Holiday Buzz and Boost Profits for Your Clients with Print Pieces

Advertise here with BSA As the holidays creep up on us, Santa themed designs, reindeers and snowflakes seem to become the go-to patterns and brushes for the season: avatars and sites get updated, Facebook covers get changed and little e-cards and emails get ordered. With so many small businesses already reaching out to their online customers with special offers like free shipping and other sales promotions, small businesses need to come up with ways to capitalize their more personal business-to-consumer approach -if they want to survive the winter. One way to earn a few extra bucks is to get them…


A Comparison of the Best Sites Created by Individuals and Templates

The constantly shifting field of website design can offer a wealth of creative ideas both to the screen and to the mind. Today’s world of illustrative conceptual image capture allows a far greater degree of visual styles and graphical content. The latest methods employed both by individuals and groups can help to bring about a core creative message or personal gallery. Central to the most appealing and ground-breaking sites should be a fluid approach to colour, form and typeface. The usability is of course central to a success in a business context, but to those of us more concerned with…


8 Coming Soon Templates That Will Spark Interest

Advertise here with BSA Web development can be a tricky beast to tame. You guys know what I’m talking about. Client delays, freelancer hiccups, what can go wrong will go wrong amiright Mr. Murphy? So, as a remedy for launch delays or even if you’ve just started a site and have a domain ready, the smartest thing to do is to put up a ‘coming soon’ page as a temporary measure. Not only will this gain the respect of your visitors, you are able to capture data (with a sign up form) and let the public know the exact time of launch….


40 Inspiring Animal Logos that Will Make You Love Animals More

Advertise here with BSA Be it a pet tortoise, a feathery friend, or something from the jungles of the Amazon, us humans share a special bond with animals; domestic or wild. As one might admit, we too, are animals in our own right. We embody similar characteristics as close to our simian brothers, while some may instinctively behave more reptilian than others. Today I’d like to share some inspiring animal logos that capture our admiration and homage to the animal kingdom. Dirty Fried Chicken   Iron Duck Clothing Elefont Snooty Peacock     The Bronx Zoo Road Hog Entertainment Leo Shirt…


8 Sites to Help Choose a Unique Domain Name

Advertise here with BSA Giving a new site an appropriate name can often times be an overwhelming, frustrating, and exhausting experience. Add the latest SEO shift from Google’s EMD update, the way to choose a unique domain name now becomes a little more challenging. As web designers, one of our responsibilities involves advising our clients about domain names and steering them on the right path. Most companies will want to use their company or brand name, but what if they are already taken? or perhaps they want to start a new brand that’s related to their existing brand? I believe the right…


Many Small Cubes Create A New Experience of Space

Marking his first work in paris, japanese architect sou fujimoto has realized a monumental installation as part of the small nomad house series, set with the tuileries gardens. The floating volumes that comprise ‘many small cubes’ create ‘a new experience of space, a rhythm of flickering shadows and lights like the sun filtering through leafy trees’ fujimoto describes. Aluminum cubes, attached to one another by only an edge or a corner, seemingly hover in mid-air as they rise above the landscape, forming a visually light and aerial architectural piece. The Design Inspiration


5 Color Generator Sites to Scheme up Killer Color Combinations

Advertise here with BSA Periwinkle and lilac? Pink and teal? How about Cobalt Blue and Mustard Yellow? Colors. Or rather color combinations. Yes, you’ve heard this before, colors combos will make or break your design. As designers, picking out the correct color combo is yet another skill a good design requires. Be it the CTA button, image border, or even image hue, striking the correct color balance that gels EVERYTHING together is not an easy feat. Making it tougher is getting a client that already has strict branding rules or corporate colors. Add too much, our focus goes astray. Too…


Enjoy a Colorful Experience At Hotel Pantone

Advertise here with BSA It’s become one of the most important tools I have ever used in the course of my career as a designer. Yep, I’m referring to the almighty bible of colors – the Pantone color matching system. In its same revolutionary fashion for changing the face of graphic arts, the Pantone brand is creating waves in another industry – hotels. The aptly name Hotel Pantone is an upscale hospitality experience, providing seven color-palettes with 59 rooms including suites, meeting rooms and a rooftop terrace. The hotel, located in the city of Brussels in Belgium, invites you to…


155 Free Curved Icons for Web x UI Design

Advertise here with BSA Designers are emotional tweakers. We test, test, tweak, and test some more until we get it right, or at least until it *feels* right. If you’re like me, one of the elements I test to death are icons. I can never have enough icon styles to play with. So in my bag of goodies today, I’m pulling out an excellent freebie from talented designer Tri Kurniawan – the Freecons version 2.0! There are 155 minimal icons in this collection for your web or UI design. Each icon in the Freecons collection is in a single shape…

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