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Design Process of Nike Dominator by Alexis Marcou

Alexis Marcou is an international artist and has been doing freelance work since 2007 for a wide range of clients such as Cisco, Atomic Skis, Acco Brands, Hewlett Packard, Gatorade, Air Jordan and Nike. The creativity and improvisation behind some of the techniques is quite inspiring, like the light study that Alexis Marcou did for the Nike Dominator project. Below you can scope a little bit of his design process. The Design Inspiration


Websites of the Week: Don’t Stop the Music

Advertise here with BSA If you’ve been following this blog lately you would have noticed multiple posts dedicated to music. (Cliche alert) That’s because I believe that life would have no meaning if there weren’t any music. As Friedrich Nietzsche puts it, “Without music, life would be a mistake” But seriously, most people I know (designers) often work with some form of background music or ambient sound. I’ve had close friends admit to me that they are more productive, and that the background buzz increases their concentration. And as research would have it, your creative juices will in fact, start…


3 Awesome and Free iOS 8 GUI Kits

Advertise here with BSA Ah yes, the iOS. It’s the foundation of our beloved iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. According to Apple, this update “comes with a collection of apps that lets you do the everyday things, and the not-so-everyday things, in ways that are intuitive, simple and fun.” Codenamed Okemo, iOS 8 was released last month, so yes this post is a little delayed, but hey, these talented individuals have prepared some awesome user interface sets for us, so why not make use of them? Besides they are all free for download to use in your next project. Each…


Freebie: 8 Hand Gestures Sets for Your UI/UX Demos

Advertise here with BSA For UI and app designers, a big part of our job is to find a way to present our ideas as clearly as possible to the client. Part of this is mocking up our designs the best way we can. With touch devices so common these days, and with the recent iPhone 6 release, we’ll need an arsenal of hand gestures to get our message across. Today, we’ve prepared an awesome collection of 8 hand gestures sets from around the top designers for you to implement into your next demo. The sets include the usual interactions…


The Cutest Character Bento by Sandra Van Den Broek

Sandra van den Broek from Netherlands creates the cutest character bento for her children’s. She’ll start by sketching the meal and prepares it with scissors, knives and toothpicks. Although you wouldn’t say, it usually takes Sandra only one hour to make a meal. She likes to make something practical, something for everyone to be able to follow. And if you look closely, you can see that it wouldn’t be too hard to make these bentos yourself. The Design Inspiration

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