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5 Personality Types All Designers Identify With

Although all designers are creative in some way, not every designer has the same personality. The Myers & Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) test separates personality types into 16 different categories.These types can be further broken down into categories such as analysts, diplomats, explorers and sentinels. Although designers can differ greatly in their backgrounds and personalities, there are some types that seem to be drawn to design as a career choice. Understanding your type can help you understand how to overcome limitations, deal with difficult clients or reach beyond your comfort zone. Myers Briggs indicates different levels within the personality types…


Exclusive Freebie: Ink Doodles for Ocean Lovers

Have your dose of vitamin sea with these exclusive Crazyleaf freebies from Freepik.com. Customize these and stick them on your surfboard to surf in style. Turn them into wall art and create an ocean-inspired room. You can use them for free in your business, home or hobby, all we ask is a simple attribution. The collection includes a JPEG file, AI file, and EPS file. Download the pack here. CrazyLeaf Design Blog RSS Feed


Interview with Designer Dave Chenell

Today we interviewed designer Dave Chenell. Let him know you like his work with a follow on his Dribbble or Twitter. We wanted to thank Dave for taking the time to sit down with us and answer these 10 questions about his work, style, and design advice. Our new favorite quote from this interview is, “Get lost in the process and don’t focus on the outcome. There are no rules.” 1.How would you describe your design style? That’s kind of a tough question. I feel like finding the right words for this is hard. I like minimal vintage futurism. I…


Dan Kuhlen & Nathan Goldman on Almanac Beer Company Designs

Today we are featuring the work of Dan Kuhlen and Nathan Goldman who work under the design studio name of DKNG Studios. They focus primarily on clients in the entertainment industry. Clients range from bands, promoters, to independent and corporate clients. They have been working together at DKNG since 2005. If you want to show them some love on social make sure to follow their Twitter, Dribbble, Facebook, or Instagram (almost 50k followers!). 1.How would you describe your design style? We have a few different design styles we try to pursue in our work. At one end of the spectrum is our…

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