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This Week on Designer Round-up: BLOKK, Fontface Ninja, Renderforest and more!

It’s midweek and you’re in full steam at work. On this week’s designer round-up, here are some cool links we’d like to share that will hopefully help with whatever you’re doing. If you’re tired of cutting and pasting dummy copy, try out this new font in your wireframes, BLOKK. On that same note, we’ve got a nifty plugin for font lovers who are obsessed with knowing what each font is, check out Fontface Ninja. We’ve also got some nice tools for you to easily create, chop and share your images and videos like Renderforest and Magisto. For UI/UX designers, here’s a nifty tool called…


Sweet 007 James Bond Icons and Wallpaper Freebies

If you’re an avid CLD reader, you’ll notice that I sometimes take a bite out of the pop culture cake. Today’s reference is on one of my favorites, the inspiration for the entire Austin Powers saga – James Bond. It’s been quite a while since I’ve been reminded of Agent 007 (since 2012’s Skyfall actually) and being a fan, I had to share this with you guys. So what does Dr. No and Goldfinger have in common? Aside from trying to kill our British super spy? They are part of the awesome set of James Bond icons by Jory Raphael….


Freebie: 20 Hand drawn Vector Ribbons

Kids are a lot of fun. Especially if their not mine. For my niece’s upcoming 3rd birthday next week, I was instructed to create some party graphics that would be decorated around the yard. I thought to myself, why would I put so much effort into creating something that will eventually be ripped into shreds by a group of screaming toddlers? Well, kids are a lot of fun. So I agreed to do up some birthday invites instead. While designing the invitations I needed some cute and cartoony ribbons. In my quest, I went over bestpsdfreebies and found the perfect set. This vector…


Amazing Retro Posters by Strongstuff aka Tom Whalen

A superb collection of retro posters designed by the illustrator Strongstuff aka Tom Whalen, diverting movies and video games into beautiful retro illustrations. It includes Monster & Cie, Mario, Terminator, Batman, Mickey, Cowboys & Aliens, the Goonies, Star Wars, Ghostbuster, Paul, SpongeBob, Shaun of the Dead, and many more. Take a look at these amazing poster designs now. The Design Inspiration


Miniature City Paper Sculpture by Charles Young

Paperholm is a project started this summer by Charles Young, who challenged himself to build a new structure of paper every day. He calls the models which are forming a miniature paper city Paperholm and shows how creative he is by posting his creation each day. He uses watercolor paper and a very sharp blade to create the fine details. Over time the models have gotten more and more complex and he now creates stop-motion animations of his movable pieces. Each piece takes anywhere from 30 minutes to three hours and he has consistently delivered a project a day. The…


Create Holiday Buzz and Boost Profits for Your Clients with Print Pieces

Advertise here with BSA As the holidays creep up on us, Santa themed designs, reindeers and snowflakes seem to become the go-to patterns and brushes for the season: avatars and sites get updated, Facebook covers get changed and little e-cards and emails get ordered. With so many small businesses already reaching out to their online customers with special offers like free shipping and other sales promotions, small businesses need to come up with ways to capitalize their more personal business-to-consumer approach -if they want to survive the winter. One way to earn a few extra bucks is to get them…


A Comparison of the Best Sites Created by Individuals and Templates

The constantly shifting field of website design can offer a wealth of creative ideas both to the screen and to the mind. Today’s world of illustrative conceptual image capture allows a far greater degree of visual styles and graphical content. The latest methods employed both by individuals and groups can help to bring about a core creative message or personal gallery. Central to the most appealing and ground-breaking sites should be a fluid approach to colour, form and typeface. The usability is of course central to a success in a business context, but to those of us more concerned with…

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