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Clean and Minimalistic Design Showcase by Adrian Iorga

  Our featured designer for the week is Adrian Iorga; an independent graphic designer currently working from Bucharest, Romania. He specializes in Logo and Brand Identity design and spends a lot of his free time with things involving Typography and Lettering. 1.How would you describe your design style? My ideal approach is usually angular, clean and minimalistic with few, but contrasting colors, usually influenced by my passion for typography and geometry. 2.How long have you been a designer for? I’m a full time independent designer since 2012 but I’ve been creating, drawing and spraying various things since 2006. 3.Where are…


10 Best Boutique Business Card Designs

Once you have chosen a name and have a logo for your boutique it’s time to get some business cards. Below we have included some of our favorite business cards for inspiration.  Some are free templates and other are custom designs. 1. Oh What A Joy This hip business card was designed by Josh Warren and features a beautiful script. This is a custom design. 2. Cosey And The Gang This design by Amy Hood is the most popular boutique business card featured on Dribbble. Designers love the line work and floral border pattern featured on the bags and tags. The…


Overview of New Lingo app by Noun Project

Lingo What? Remember where you saved that cute cat icon? No? Well then, you better try out Lingo! Lingo is an app for organizing design assets and could save you countless precious moments that would otherwise be wasted burrowing through your computer files. With Lingo assets are visually organized so you never lose sight of them. This new app will complement The Noun Project‘s core service; the creation of visual language with its unlimited access to countless icons. You could say it’s an evolving library sure to keep your entire design team speaking the same language!   Mac or Windows? One major…


New Etsy Pattern vs. Squarespace Website Builder

Squarespace and Etsy are some of the website builders that have seen the novice web development niche blossom. They have offered salvation to ordinary folk who couldn’t tell ordinary HTML code from PHP. Both have made a foothold in the ecommerce niche and with the release of Etsy’s new Pattern, we can only conclude that Etsy wants to take home the lion’s share of the market. So how do the two compare? Is there any difference between Etsy’s conventional builder and the new Pattern or is it simply a marketing strategy? Here’s what we think: Integration If you already own a store…


Featured Designer: Kevin Howdeshell Recent Work Showcase

Our featured designer for this week is Kevin Howdeshell who runs The Brave Union together with his wife Kristen. A father of two, Kevin, has improved on the art of story-telling with his whimsical pieces that are eclectic in design as well as color. 1. How would you describe your design style? I would describe my style as narrative driven.  Visually it’s graphic shapes with a lot of texture.  My work has been received as vintage influenced as I’ve studied many illustrators of the past   2. How long have you been a designer for? My wife and I have been a…


Cute Beardbangs Ceramics Make You Smile

Beardbangs is the creative project of wife and husband duo Alicia Zwicewicz and Josiah Henderson, based out of Montreal. It was born out of Alicia’s knack for pottery and drawing and Josiah’s background in illustration. Their ceramics, from the animal planters, to the smiley square ring dish, the pretty fruit bowl and all of their cups and plates. The shapes and colours are all very minimal, but reoccurring touches like the little happy face and legged vessels are so distinctive. Each design is simple yet impactful! Each piece is designed for daily wear and tear, safe for food, and most…


The Top 4 Benefits of Magento Enterprise Development

Nowadays, it has become necessary to possess ideal website that can display entire products lists with details. It is necessary because people love to purchase products online without clicking on too many tabs. If you are business owner and want to possess user-friendly online store then you must opt for a magento enterprise development service. It is the only way to ensure that you are creating website or online store with latest trends. You can choose from various layouts and additional designs by opting for their service. We Are Superb is a renowned brand that is offering brilliant e-commerce service within…

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