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10 New Free Fitness Stock Photos [high definition]

Today we have a great collection of free fitness stock photos which you can download from our partner sites. These images feature both men and women getting fit. These are great to use if you are starting a gym website or a personal trainer. You could use these in a graphic design tool like Canva to create a poster or social media post.  Some of the images highlighted below feature individuals doing yoga, running, mountain climbing, or playing sports. All images are licensed with Creative Commons. The best part is all photos are free to download. Under each image, you will…


40+ Cool Email Newsletter Templates ( For Free )

Newsletters are fast becoming the most used method of digital marketing. Email newsletter templates are used to create and distribute such campaigns via email. The popularity of newsletters has increased in recent years mainly because of their effectiveness. The closure of Google Reader has offered a blow on information transmitted through RSS feeds and created another opportunity for email newsletters to become more popular. That is why many blogs in the design business and not only are migrating away from RSS to email. Sending a periodic email with the best articles and resources can be even more effective in terms…


11 Great Software Founders With No Prior Technical Knowledge

Many successful software companies have been founded by individuals who previously had no knowledge of coding and talk themselves. In this blog post, I will outline successful founders and the companies which they created. Each founder has a different story but all have a similar background of not having a formal coding education.   1) Jason Fried — Basecamp Jason Fried Was one of the cofounders of 37 Signals which later became Basecamp.  Founded in Chicago Jason did not have a degree in computer science. He got his bachelor of science in finance from the University of Arizona in 1996. He…


21 of the world’s laziest Fortune 500 logos ever designed

This question comes from a post that I saw on Quora asking what the laziest famous logos created are. To create the list I first had to decide what constituted a famous logo. I decided to choose from only Fortune 500 companies. The Fortune 500 list is created by the Fortune magazine each year and it ranks the 500 largest companies in the United States. Now that we have chosen a list of logos to review we had to decide what constitutes “lazy”. I had to actually look up the definition of a lazy as many of the logos on the…

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