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Design Strategies that Will Add Value to Your Search Engine Optimization Campaign

Whether you are making a fresh website or giving the current one a new look, there is no escape from Search Engine Optimisation or the arguably infamous SEO. In fact, checking, re-checking, testing, re-testing the validity of your SEO techniques should be an integral part of all your website design strategies. Did you know though that you search engine optimization strategies could be influenced by the design of your website? It does sound counter-intuitive, but when you pay close attention to the details, you will realise that your design indeed goes a long way to get you those elusive PRs…


How to Name a Boutique Shop – Are Name Generators Bad?

If you are looking to start an online boutique shop one of the first things you will need to create a name. Naming a company is no easy task. If you’re searching the internet you probably came across Shopify’s boutique name generator. As great as it sounds I often find it gives you mediocre results. Below I have outlined a specific formula that I have used to help name dozens of companies. Note: We’re huge fans of Shopify’s e-commerce. It’s probably the best place to start an online store. How does name generator work? Here is a dirty little secret. The “boutique” name…


Nelson Wissar Showcases His Professional and Unparalleled Portfolio

This week we interview Nelson Wissar, the proprietor and art director at Zeppelin Animation Studio. Nelson’s long career has gifted him with a rich and unparalleled portfolio. We feature some of his own work as well as that of his studio’s to celebrate his gift and unequaled talent as a creative. 1.How would you describe your design style? I think it is versitile. Zeppelin is a multitalent studio where we approach every project through investigation and idea exchange. We have an eclectic portfolio from fruits and animals, through motion graphics to complex robots and cgi. 2.How long have you been…


Clean and Minimalistic Design Showcase by Adrian Iorga

  Our featured designer for the week is Adrian Iorga; an independent graphic designer currently working from Bucharest, Romania. He specializes in Logo and Brand Identity design and spends a lot of his free time with things involving Typography and Lettering. 1.How would you describe your design style? My ideal approach is usually angular, clean and minimalistic with few, but contrasting colors, usually influenced by my passion for typography and geometry. 2.How long have you been a designer for? I’m a full time independent designer since 2012 but I’ve been creating, drawing and spraying various things since 2006. 3.Where are…


10 Best Boutique Business Card Designs

Once you have chosen a name and have a logo for your boutique it’s time to get some business cards. Below we have included some of our favorite business cards for inspiration.  Some are free templates and other are custom designs. 1. Oh What A Joy This hip business card was designed by Josh Warren and features a beautiful script. This is a custom design. 2. Cosey And The Gang This design by Amy Hood is the most popular boutique business card featured on Dribbble. Designers love the line work and floral border pattern featured on the bags and tags. The…

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