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DealFuel – Great Design Deals And Awesome Freebies

Advertise here with BSA Graphic and web design deals websites are really hot right now and have been ever since they first appeared. A daily deals website is a website where you can find amazing discounts on many digital products you use as a designer every day. Generally the discounts are very big, between 50 and 90%. Using deals websites you can stack on premium graphic design and web design resources you need in your every day design process. DealFuel is a daily deals website specially designed for creative professionals. On DealFuel you will find top graphic and web design…


5 Silly Web Hosting Features

Advertise here with BSA Hosting companies are up against tough – and plentiful – competition, so it makes sense that they do what they can to “stand out from the crowd.” There are consistently free trials, talk of enhanced hardware and inclusions, and plenty of brag-worthy claims about their included features – and, while some of the hype may be true, there are also numerous features that hosting companies make claim to that are just downright silly. As you shop for hosting, know which traps to watch out for and avoid putting too much stock in features that aren’t what…


Webydo: First Impressions of a Code-Free Web Design Platform

Advertise here with BSA I’ve spent nearly a decade in the web design industry, and come to find that learning from the experiences of fellow professionals is an indispensable aide to enhancing my own skills. For exactly this reason I’d like to share my own experiences as it relates to the new wave of code-free web design software. Recently, I made the switch to one such platform in an effort to test the true mettle of these code free claims. My choice: Webydo. With its growing community of over 100,000 designers, I figured it’d be a great place to see…


10 awesome features in PrestaShop 1.6

Advertise here with BSA Nowadys eCommerce has become huge and it’s replacing more and more traditional commerce. Ten, fifteen years ago doing commerce on the World Wide Web was restricted to the big players, Amazon and eBay and the really expensive scripts that were powering their websites. Making an eCommerce platform back then was insanely expensive and required teams of programmers and designers. Needless to say things are considerably easier now. There are a number of ways you can create an online store. If it were for me to make a classification there are two big categories of eCommerce platforms…


Benefits of ERP for Design Companies

Advertise here with BSA Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) has its roots in the traditional manufacturing sector. Gartner Group first coined the term in 1990 to provide a more general term for the specific manufacturing processes of manufacturing resource planning and computer-integrated manufacturing. Today ERP extends far beyond linear production lines and incorporates processes from every part of a business. Many ERP systems have been developed to help manage and optimize accountancy, human resources and maintenance. Until relatively recently, only large companies could afford to implement ERP because of the huge costs involved. Businesses would have to invest in specialist hardware…


Jonty Hurwitz Challenges Our Perception of Reality

Jonty Hurwitz is an unconventional artist: he took an engineering degree in Johannesburg, South Africa where he discovered the very fine line between art and science. Each one of his pieces is a study on the physics of how we perceive space and is the stroke of over 1 billion calculations and algorithms. Jonty takes an abstract object and projects an image which we can recognise as reality, knowing that that reality doesn’t really exist. His art challenges our perception of reality. Us humans have assumed our superiority in the age-old battle of species on earth. Our golden time at…


ThemeFuse Giveaway: 3 Free Themes To Win!

Advertise here with BSA ThemeFuse’s crack group of theme creators wants you to start your day hearing about this exciting new offer: the potential to win one of three premium WordPress themes. The three winners will get vouchers that will allow them to download and own whichever ThemeFuse WordPress theme they desire. WordPress is already an excellent platform for your blog or site, and having a premium theme from a group as skilled as ThemeFuse will make your site even more amazing! Still not convinced you should enter? Having a WordPress site is already a great step toward getting your…


Sending The Right Message – Designing The Look Of Your Website

Advertise here with BSA Achieving the correct balance of visual design and useful content is possibly one of the most difficult elements in the design process. A website must look fantastic if it is to quickly appeal to new readers, while at the same time the design should not obscure the content, which is ultimately what you want your readers to view. For a business it is vital to make sure that the website matches up with the branding and sends the message you are aiming for. Often a business owner will visualize in their mind how they want their…

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