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Featured Photographer: Dark Hopeful Evan Atwood

Nature. Longing. Humanity’s relationship with the Earth. These are some of the themes that Evan Atwood’s photographs convey. With a bit of wanderlust, Atwood captures stunning landscapes with a singular figure in the foreground, challenging the viewer the relationship between man and the environment surrounding them. While in some cases the figures appear to be in danger- whether drowning in the water or exposed in the hot desert sand- their emotions convey a sense of calm and peacefulness. Atwood’s work definitely shows the sublime in the intensity and beauty of nature, while challenging the viewer to consider their role and…


Improve User Interaction on Your Website with Micro-Interactions

Micro-interactions are a great way to enhance the user experience on your website. Micro-interaction, as the name suggests, is a small type of interaction on your website which grabs the attention of your visitor. Micro-interaction is an engagement, based on a single task in any digital manner. Be it switching off the alarm on your cell phone or putting your viewpoint through votes on the internet, micro-interactions fall in different categories. What are Micro-interactions? We deal with Micro-interactions every day, in every appliance, website and device. Micro-interactions play an important role in making a brand memorable and unique. From changing…


CLD Exclusive Freebie: Huge Vintage 50s 60s Americana Tattoo Designs

Today’s exclusive freebie is from our good friends and graphic masters Freepik! They’ve gone above and beyond with this cool and vintage set of tattoo designs. Drawing inspiration and influences of 50s and 60s Americana culture, you can find deep colors and vivid inked art in this set of old school designs. With traditional themes like marine, love and flowers, symbols, knives, and of course skull and bones, this set is perfect for an actual tattoo or for your next design project. Download direct from the link below! Tattooo If you like this freebie you can get more of it by clicking the ‘Freebie’ tab on…


Best 22 Examples of Engaging Long Scroll Websites

Traditional web formats are beautiful with their simple layouts and separated pages. But if you’re looking to impress , long scroll websites are the way to go. When it comes to a successful product, service, or presentation, the key is to keep your audience glued to the screen from start to finish. However, that would not be possible if your visitor needs to jump from one page to another to get information. That’s where the long scroll website format comes in. This website design promotes the use of a long home page to provide as much information including features, statistics,…


Exclusive Freebie: 10 Original Fright Packs to Die For!

Today’s daily freebie comes from our good friends over at Freepik. In honor of the haunting festival that’s coming soon, the graphic resource giant has a treat this Halloween. This exclusive CLD freebie includes everything you need to throw a horror-filled party of the century. From tickets to banners to badges to mailing cards, this superb ghoulish pack will definitely increase scream levels. Check out all 10 packs below and download them for free after the jump! Want more of exclusive stuff? Consider signing up for our newsletter! Scare me. CrazyLeaf Design Blog RSS Feed


Featured Designer: Oliver the Magnificent Icon Maker

Today’s featured designer is Oliver from Bucharest, Romania whose main goal is to solve problems through well-crafted and eye catching designs. When you hear the word “icons,” you think simple illustrations like social media logos, mail, Facebook thumbs, and elements like arrows and gears. For Oliver, icons are more than just that—they are tiny, precious gems that can either make or break your designs. With that in mind, Oliver and his creative cohorts have racked their brains and sweat buckets to create gorgeous icon sets that you can use in practically any design project, especially for web and mobile applications. Among…

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