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Freebie: 8 Hand Gestures Sets for Your UI/UX Demos

Advertise here with BSA For UI and app designers, a big part of our job is to find a way to present our ideas as clearly as possible to the client. Part of this is mocking up our designs the best way we can. With touch devices so common these days, and with the recent iPhone 6 release, we’ll need an arsenal of hand gestures to get our message across. Today, we’ve prepared an awesome collection of 8 hand gestures sets from around the top designers for you to implement into your next demo. The sets include the usual interactions…


The Cutest Character Bento by Sandra Van Den Broek

Sandra van den Broek from Netherlands creates the cutest character bento for her children’s. She’ll start by sketching the meal and prepares it with scissors, knives and toothpicks. Although you wouldn’t say, it usually takes Sandra only one hour to make a meal. She likes to make something practical, something for everyone to be able to follow. And if you look closely, you can see that it wouldn’t be too hard to make these bentos yourself. The Design Inspiration


Website Design & SEO: Why Being User Friendly Matters

Advertise here with BSA When it comes to building a website, the general rule of thumb is that it should be user-friendly first of all, everything else second of all.  In short, user-friendly websites are the ultimate goal that every business owner, webmaster and web designer should be working towards.  However, it wasn’t always like this—in fact, there was a time when it was a lot different. Why User Friendly Websites Work There is really only one reason why the big shift towards creating a “user friendly” website happened—Google specifically said they wanted “user friendly” websites. When Google says that…


DealFuel – Great Design Deals And Awesome Freebies

Advertise here with BSA Graphic and web design deals websites are really hot right now and have been ever since they first appeared. A daily deals website is a website where you can find amazing discounts on many digital products you use as a designer every day. Generally the discounts are very big, between 50 and 90%. Using deals websites you can stack on premium graphic design and web design resources you need in your every day design process. DealFuel is a daily deals website specially designed for creative professionals. On DealFuel you will find top graphic and web design…


5 Silly Web Hosting Features

Advertise here with BSA Hosting companies are up against tough – and plentiful – competition, so it makes sense that they do what they can to “stand out from the crowd.” There are consistently free trials, talk of enhanced hardware and inclusions, and plenty of brag-worthy claims about their included features – and, while some of the hype may be true, there are also numerous features that hosting companies make claim to that are just downright silly. As you shop for hosting, know which traps to watch out for and avoid putting too much stock in features that aren’t what…


Webydo: First Impressions of a Code-Free Web Design Platform

Advertise here with BSA I’ve spent nearly a decade in the web design industry, and come to find that learning from the experiences of fellow professionals is an indispensable aide to enhancing my own skills. For exactly this reason I’d like to share my own experiences as it relates to the new wave of code-free web design software. Recently, I made the switch to one such platform in an effort to test the true mettle of these code free claims. My choice: Webydo. With its growing community of over 100,000 designers, I figured it’d be a great place to see…

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