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14 Best Vintage Free Stock Photos [royalty free]

Check this out! It’s our favorite royalty free stock images from long ago! These vintage photos are sure to create nostalgia. 1. Pretty woman Vintage 1950s photo of a woman in car. You can download this photo on Pixabay.com   2. Heart chair Retro chair in an old pub. You can download this photo on Picjumbo.com   3. Woman on the phone Vintage photo of a girl on the phone. You can download this photo on Pixabay.com   4. Turquoise beauty This is a photo of woman`s legs in high heels in vintage car. You can download this photo on…


19 House Logos Designed By Professional Graphic Designers

Today we have a great set of house logos to inspire you. Each one is from an agency or freelance designer. You can find a link to more of their work under the design. The house is a strong icon. You can view 19 of our favorite designs in this post. Enjoy! 1. San Fransisco Houses This is a photo of a house logo featuring the classic San Fransisco slanted homes. Designed by Eric LiPuma.   2. Pixel House This is a photo of a house logo with a pixel design and a variety of colors. Designed by Sean Farrell….


Creating a Mobile App Design Process for Your Agency

Mobile application development continues to grow across the world today. Today we take a look at designing a process specifically for mobile application design and development. Background If you have experience designing web applications, you can use a similar process. Often the methodologies of lean and agile development are used in mobile application development. Additionally, many of the principles of mobile web design can be applied to an application. Though there may be some familiar territory in these areas, the process for Designing developing and launching a mobile application is very different. There are multiple models Which have proven successful…


30 Amazing Photographers Who Will Do ANYTHING for the Perfect Shot

Getting the angle and perspective for a photo just right can sometimes be very tricky, but these crazy photographers don’t mind – when it comes to taking the perfect shot, they will do whatever it takes. The acts of devotion to their craft that some of the world’s best photographers perform can be truly outstanding. Wildlife photographers have spent weeks camped out in the wild, allowing animals to get accustomed to their presence so that they can get the rare or intimate glimpses at their lives that others only dream of. The Design Inspiration


Jenny Ayrton and Her Miniature Wonderlands in Molten Glass

Devon-based Jenny Ayrton captures miniature wonderlands in molten glass. She encases delicate metal drawings within blocks of glass using a sand-casting technique. The unpredictable flow of the glass brings each scene to life, and ensures that each piece is unique. Ayrton tells us her scenes are directly influenced by her life as a Devon-based mum; following visits to the towns, beach and moor, and she creates tiny wire sketches based on the day’s observations. But she feels like her work sits slightly awkwardly between art and craft so she supposes she’s going in both directions to see what works best,…


How to Print a Webpage [Complete Guide]

At first printing a website may seem like a silly task, but it’s exactly the request I got from a client once. They called and said, “we have a big meeting with our board and we want to print out our website – can you fax it to us.” This task was going to take a lot of paper as the site had over 1,500 pages. We instructed them it might be best to show just the most important pages via a printout. Though this request seems absurd, there are times when printing out a page makes sense. It is…


Artist Heather Theurer Brings Disney Princesses to Life in Realistic-Looking Oil Paintings

Heather Theurer’s paintings are the product of decades of observation of people, environments, animals and textiles. Themes in her work include religious symbolism, fantasy realism, equine and wildlife, and bold reworking of Disney characters. In this Disney Princesses series you’ll see Merida, Rapunzel, Mulan, and Cinderella! Theurer creates these gorgeous oil paintings that turn otherwise flat-looking Disney characters alive! She tries to make these paintings as realistic as possible, a far cry from the more cartoonish illustrations of the princesses that we are used to. This technique results in some wonderful and surprising works of art. The Design Inspiration

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